So you want to learn more about Level Down Games, huh? Sounds good! Bryan and Jessica started this operation on July 25, 2016, and we’ve been going strong ever since! Featuring a crew of five people now, our goal remains the same. Provide in-depth reviews, entertainment, podcasts, and videos for whomever is willing to read, watch, and listen! You can expect the following from us here at LDG:

Reviews – We will have text and video reviews on our Website and YouTube Channel as often as humanly possible. Our priority system for getting reviews out will always be in the following order: Games provided by publishers/developers, new release games, and then finally new-ish games still not covered on the outlet. Some games will receive both a text and video review, while other games will just receive a text review. If there is a video review to accompany the text, it will always be embedded in the review here on the website in the actual review itself. Our goal is to have at least two new reviews hitting the outlet on a weekly basis, but this may not always be possible due to time constraints. Just know that in-depth reviews are our number one priority here at Level Down Games!

News – The gaming industry is an ever changing beast, and one of our goals here at Level Down Games is to eventually grow to the point where we have a dedicated News Editor on staff to cover everything that happens on a daily basis. As of right now, we cover weekly news in our Max Level Podcast every Monday and on Flavor Text every Thursday, which you can find out more on below!

Opinion Articles – There was a time when Bryan had the available schedule space to sit down and write out opinion pieces and articles once or twice a week. Due to the amount of review coverage we are now providing on the outlet with no new additions to the staff, opinion articles are currently on hiatus. Fear not! They will return once we have the appropriate numbers to sustain the content.

Max Level Podcast – The Max Level Podcast can best be summarized as an insane crew with access to near-100% of new release games every week sitting down to talk in depth about the latest games hitting store shelves, while still providing news updates and a main discussion each episode. Every Monday, Bryan, Frank, and Sean do their best to keep you entertained while expressing their love of gaming. New episodes hit on Monday morning wherever you get your podcasts from. Become a Max Leveler with us!

BGMania Podcast – Every Wednesday, Bryan and Frank do one of their favorite things of all time… listen to video game music! BGMania is an exploration of the music found within our favorite games, presented in a wide variety of different ways. We have themed episodes, eclectic mixes, composer deep dives, and so much more. Plus, facts about the games and composers we are talking about, personal stories, and a TON of comedy. If you like video game music, you have definitely found your new favorite podcast. Trust us. New episodes hit on Wednesday morning wherever you get your podcasts from. We need more BGManiacs!

Flavor Text – Every Thursday, the Max Level crew dives into a random topic usually related to games, but not always! Flavor Text is an extension of the Max Level Podcast, with a discussion exclusive to YouTube. New episodes post on Thursday morning over on our YouTube Channel.

Reaction Videos – As often as possible, Bryan (and sometimes Frank) will react to the latest gaming trailers and theatrical movie trailers on a day to day basis. Our aim is to have at least one new Reaction Video Monday through Friday, but obviously this cannot always be the case due to how and when trailers are released. So we will do our best to have at least one new Reaction Video daily, but please be aware that some days may have zero depending on circumstance. We always will have Reaction Videos to the latest gaming press conferences, Nintendo Directs, and major events that happen within our industry.

10’s / Ranking Videos – Taking place as often as we have the time to produce, our official 10’s and Ranking Videos have returned! A new video lands on our YouTube Channel every other Friday morning. If you have suggestions for what you’d like to see us cover under this topic, reach out to us through the contact section!

LDG Plays – Whenever there’s a new release game we feel would make a good gameplay series for our YouTube Channel (typically narrative heavy games/choose-your-own-adventure style), we will produce what we call LDG Plays. This is our version of a Let’s Play. We are doing our best to alternate these with the 10’s and Ranking Videos mentioned above, every other Friday morning on YouTube.

Unboxing Videos – This type of content is still on hiatus here at Level Down Games, but we are working on something to bring this back in the near future. We’d like to have at least one new unboxing video per month, potentially two. Keep an eye out for more news on this front coming soon!