So you want to learn more about Level Down Games, huh? Sounds good! Bryan and Jessica started this operation in July of 2016, and we’ve been going strong ever since! Frank joined the crew in July of 2017, and the three of them have been providing in-depth reviews, news, opinion articles, entertainment, podcasts, and videos for the last two years non-stop. You can expect the following from us here at LDG:

Reviews – We will have text and video reviews on our Website and YouTube Channel as often as humanly possible. New release games will be the priority, but there may be times when we go back to review an old or classic game as well. Some games will receive both a text and video review, while other games will just receive a text review. Our goal is to have at least two new reviews hitting the outlet on a weekly basis, but this may not always be possible due to time constraints. Just know that in-depth reviews are our number one priority here at Level Down Games!

News – We will have daily news pieces on our Website that we find interesting and think you may find interesting as well.

Opinion Articles – Twice a week, we will have original opinion pieces or thought provoking articles to read through on our Website. For now, these will be written solely by Bryan, but hopefully one day we can expand to include other journalists and authors here on Level Down Games as well.

Max Level Podcast – Every Monday, Bryan and Frank bring you the latest video game news in podcast format. Not only that, but the two will discuss what they’ve been playing over the past seven days, talk about the new releases coming out for that particular week, highlight a current or past game seeking funding on Kickstarter, and take a deep dive into one particular topic each week. Plus lots of humor, personal stories, and tangents. The audio version is available on Podcast Services at 9:00am EST, and the video version is available on YouTube and our Website at 12:00pm EST.

Top 10’s / Ranking Videos – Taking place on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, our official Top 10 Videos and Ranking Videos are making a return! Being dormant since January, we’re excited to be returning to the realm of Top 10 and Rankings, as these videos are always a ton of fun to write, produce, and edit. We became burnt out doing them every week, so keeping them locked to twice a month definitely helps us out in terms of production time and staying up to date with everything else we do here at Level Down Games.

BGMania Podcast – Every Wednesday, Bryan and Frank do one of their favorite things of all time… listen to video game music! BGMania is an exploration of the music found within our favorite games, presented in a wide variety of different ways. We have themed episodes, eclectic mixes, composer deep dives, and so much more. Plus, facts about the games and composers we are talking about, personal stories, and a TON of comedy. If you like video game music, you have definitely found your new favorite podcast. Trust us. This is an audio only podcast, and is available at 9:00am EST on Podcast Services and our Website.

Critical Quest – The newest weekly series here at Level Down Games, Critical Quest is an exploration into current and retro video games every Wednesday. Jump into the personal LDG Shuttle with Bryan and explore the galaxy and cosmos of the past, present, and future of video games. Each episode will vary in length, but will almost always be under an hour. This series will consist of Bryan playing a game, with the game being the focus, as that’s all you’ll see. There will be commentary, personal stories, and humor whilst playing each game. Due to the nature of the show, this will be in video format only, and will be available at 12:00pm EST on YouTube.

Gorgeous Lads of Wrestling Predictions – Taking place on the Thursday before a major WWE or NJPW wrestling event, Bryan and Frank (and sometimes Mannion!) will offer a brief discussion on the upcoming show and give their predictions on what they think is going to happen. Most months this will be a once a month show, but there will be about five times a year that we’ll have two shows a month due to NJPW. We will be sticking to these two promotions only in terms of predictions, and our shows will be shorter and just be about the predictions and brief discussions. The audio version will be available on Podcast Services at 9:00am EST whenever there’s an episode, and the video version will be available on YouTube at 12:00pm EST whenever there’s an episode.

Revisiting the Classics Podcast – Every Friday, Frank takes a trip back to the past to tell us fond childhood memories and stories of his favorite retro games. Bryan is there to interject, ask questions, and provide additional commentary, but this is mostly about Frank and his personal stories revolving around these games. This is a Mini-Podcast, with episode lengths being less than 20 minutes. The audio version is available on Podcast Services and our Website at 9:00am EST, and the video version is available on YouTube at 12:00pm EST.

Reaction Videos – As often as possible, Bryan and Frank will react to the latest gaming trailers and theatrical movie trailers on a day to day basis. Our aim is to have at least one new Reaction Video Monday through Friday, but obviously this cannot always be the case due to how and when trailers are released. So we will do our best to have at least one new Reaction Video daily, but please be aware that some days may have zero depending on circumstance. We always will have Reaction Videos to the latest gaming press conferences, Nintendo Directs, and major events that happen within our industry.

LDG Plays – Whenever there’s a new release game we feel would make a good gameplay series for our YouTube Channel, we will produce what we call LDG Plays. This is our version of a Let’s Play. These will happen at random times due to the release schedule of video games and our our physical commitments.

Unboxing Videos – This type of content is still on hiatus here at Level Down Games, but we are working on something to bring this back in the near future. We’d like to have at least one new unboxing video per month, potentially two. Keep an eye out for more news on this front coming soon!