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Bryan Clutter is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Level Down Games, where he also covers editorial content, reviews, podcasts, video editing, and is an influencer in the gaming community. He has been passionate about gaming since the young age of three, and has been absorbed in it ever since. Nowadays, he is a lover of obscure, random JRPG titles (both new and old), and attempts to play as many games as humanly possible. Seriously… he attempts to get through every single new release, even though this task is feasibly impossible. His favorites genres include RPG’s of any kind (and he will play these over any other type of game and genre 9 times out of 10), Action Adventure, Platformer, Survival Horror, and MMO’s. He is also a huge fan of professional wrestling and an ardent music lover.

Sony Takes Over the World | Max Level Podcast #87

Episode #87 of the Max Level Podcast. Gee Sony, what are we gonna do tonight? The same thing we do every night, Sony. Try to take over the world!! On today’s first ever 4 man show, our hype levels continue…

Showcase: Death Mark | BGMania Podcast, Bonus #15

The following episode is brought to you by Aksys Games. Earlier this year, Aksys Games released a limited edition vinyl album for Death Mark, a horror visual novel that released on Halloween in 2018. Composed entirely by Naoaki Jimbo, the…

E3 2019 Changes

On this episode of Flavor Text, the crew discusses some of the recent changes announced for E3 2019, including the most recent news about EA not having a press conference at EA Play 2019!  

Title Screens | BGMania Podcast #88

First impressions are always key, and the way a video game presents it’s music through the title screen has always been relatively important. On this week’s episode, Bryan and Frank dug through some of their favorites to find excellent title…

NIS America Showcase 2019 Reaction

Join Bryan from Level Down Games as he reacts to the NIS America Showcase 2019, which was broadcast on March 11, 2019.  

Elephant Mask VR | Max Level Podcast #86

So seriously… what the hell is going on at Bioware?? The crew goes in-depth with The Caligula Effect: Overdose, ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove, Magic the Gathering: Arena, and Tick Tock: A Tale for Two. They also discuss…

Tick Tock: A Tale for Two Review

A concept we find a lot of enjoyment in are games that allow us to work together to solve puzzles and progress the story. Experiences like A Way Out, We Were Here, and We Were Here Too have brought loads…

Evo 2019 Lineup Announced!

On this episode of Flavor Text, the crew reacts to and discusses the lineup of games revealed to be showcased during Evo 2019!