Ever Oasis is that game you play when you want to just sit down and enjoy a game without feeling rushed or that has a strict and serious storyline. You start off getting lessons from your brother who is the chief of the Oasis. Soon, it becomes overpowered by the chaos and you are then left alone in the desert with nowhere to go. You run into a water spirit named Esna who has a sweet and charming personality that helps make creating the Oasis fun. Throughout the game she also follows you using a water bubble being carried by a beetle to help with giving you important information during your journey of trying to get your Oasis blooming and more residents to move in. Read on for our full Ever Oasis review.

Title: Ever Oasis

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Grezzo

Available On: Nintendo 3DS

Reviewed On: Nintendo 3DS XL

Release Date: June 23, 2017

Game Provided by the Publisher for the Sake of This Review

As you start out things will begin to feel simple and easy. Go out on an adventure and try to find explorers who will later visit your Oasis. Some explorers will want you to finish a quest for them before wanting to officially move in. Luckily they are all simple and can be done in a fair time frame. Which is good because if you don’t get the quest done in time the visitor will leave and you will have to wait until they finally come back to try again. Some visitors who become residents will want to open up a bloom booth. With each booth they sell something different. Anywhere from fruit smoothies to balloons and so much more. Some bloom booths also attract explorers which again if you take advantage of it and complete their quest if they have one then you then get a new resident. With each explorer that joins it leads to your Oasis leveling up. For the most part it expands on the size of your Oasis allowing more room for bloom booths.

While you are exploring the desert and start a battle with a monster, the battle system is easy. With every attack you need to pay attention to the monster and learn their attack so you can dodge it and prevent your HP from going down. Every resident plus yourself has their own HP. As you enter the desert your Oasis provides you with extra HP as a protection. It’s helpful and it is automatically put in your HP bar the moment you’re in the desert. As the game moves on and your Oasis expands, chaos always has a way of coming back causing a negative impact on all of your residents. At this point, you need to finish the dungeon to collect the Lumite to make the chaos go away.

While you are in the dungeon, you will need to make sure you have the proper help with you so you can advance throughout the dungeon. Each explorer that joins your Oasis has a special ability they are able to do. From being able to shovel certain areas, break down boulders, use magic to move objects, and so much more. The only issue is that you can only have an extra two explorers in your group and there are so many different specialties that only certain explorers can do. So you will find yourself always having to go back and forth between the Oasis and the Dungeon to switch out characters so you can advance. At first it wasn’t so bad but when you have to do it over and over again it becomes tiring and will really test how much patience you have. One thing I really enjoyed about the dungeons was the simple but fun puzzles you have to do to unlock doors and advance. It kind of had a Lego game vibe to me where you have to switch between the characters you have because they all do different things to make something unlock. They were never so hard that you didn’t know what you were doing or how to do it. Just enough to keep you entertained.

When you are not exploring or trying to get through a dungeon to get rid of the chaos, you will spend your time going through the town and making sure all of your residents and their bloom booths are stocked up and happy. If you let a booth close because they have no inventory, it leaves your resident being very unhappy which will impact the overall happiness of the Oasis. So always make sure that everyone is being taken care of. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming between trying to go out and explore to get supplies or finding new explorers, making sure all of your residents are happy and their bloom booths are stocked up, and fighting off chaos as it arrives. As your Oasis levels up and expands you will get a lot more help from your residents. This is so great and handy and it makes the game so much easier to handle. I wish it was something added on earlier but I guess better late than never.

As you unlock more items you are able to go into your tree house and you will have a pond which allows you to create new items as long as you have enough dewadem (which counts as money in the game) to make sure you have the best equipment possible.

Ever Oasis is all about trying to be as happy as possible and making a happy place for others to live. This is definitely a cute game and it’s refreshing to be able to sit down and really enjoy a game with only minor things you would change. Between the peaceful music as you walk around the Oasis and the cute penguins who purchase items from the town, it is sweet and nice. Battles, puzzles, quest. This game offers so many great features it’s hard not to enjoy.