Keystone Games has released new information on Homicide Detective, their upcoming game set to release on PC and consoles sometime in Q4 2017.

In Homicide Detective, you’ll take on the role of a United Nations elite homicide specialist, traveling around the world solving tough crimes. Many historical landmarks will make up the backdrop for the story as you travel around, such as the London Eye, the Pyramids of Giza, and the vibrant nightlife of Times Square.

Homicide Detective breaks the mould in investigative games, skilfully blending cinematic action, gorgeous locations in fully explorable first-person 3D and the ability to utilize real investigative skills. The game has been developed with the support of actual senior homicide investigators, police and forensic experts from a number of nations, who have each worked closely with the development team to ensure that Homicide Detective is as real as it gets! The fusion of hugely experienced police officers and highly experienced game developers ensures Homicide Detective is a game to die for!

“Our aim was simple”, said Katie Bailey, Head of Art, “we wanted the player to be able to visit some of the most iconic locations in the world, from Times Square, to Tower Bridge in London, to the rainforests of Penang to the Pyramids of Egypt. We have the talents of some of the world’s finest 3D artists and programmers who have are recreating these stunning locations in breathtaking detail!”

Once the locations were created, the team enlisted the aid of senior Homicide Detectives from agencies such as the UK Police, the FBI and even Navy Seals to create “the perfect crime at each of these exotic locations”. Jane Whittaker CTO, commented “It was the most fun of the project for me. We built these amazing scenes and said to our police colleagues, what type of murder can we have here and how can the player solve it? We asked forensic pathologists, how would you go about solving this crime?. We then recreated the crimes described to us by the real experts in the field. It was an incredible experience for us to work alongside the real investigative officers and we share that insight with each and every player of Homicide Detective. The crimes you are solving are not devised by our development team but actual FBI and Police Officers at senior levels in murder investigation”

The concept behind Homicide Detective sounds extremely cool, with not many games putting you in the shoes of a crime scene investigator. For all of the negativity it receives, this was one of my favorite aspects behind L.A. Noire. Keystone Games is off to a strong start with this announcement and continued drip feed of information.

Stick with Level Down Games, as we’ll have continued coverage of Homicide Detective throughout its development.