The Legend of Zelda Games Ranked

One of El Frankero and I’s favorite video game franchises is without question, The Legend of Zelda. The amount of hours we’ve individually put into all of the games within this storied franchise is mind boggling. Many days and nights were spent absolutely engrossed in the world of Hyrule, and helping Link overcome whatever evil he was facing and make sure the Hero of Time always came out as the hero he was destined to be. But, one point of contention within the community has always been.. which game is better than the other? Let’s clear something up first and foremost. Every mainline entry in the Legend of Zelda series is great for the most part. We’ve played them all, and can safely say that these games are great no matter where you decide to jump in and which one you are currently playing through. But, El Frankero and I recently sat down and battled it out to come up with the official Level Down Game ranking of the Legend of Zelda series.