Predicting Future Releases and Call-Ups! | GLOW: Ep 37

This week on the G.L.O.W. Podcast, Bryan, Velena, and El Frankero offer up their opinions on who they think will be released from WWE sometime after WrestleMania 34, and who they think we’ll be seeing move from NXT to the Main Roster! Segments for the show this week include:

  1. Daniel Bryan Has Been Cleared by the WWE
  2. Listener Question – AJ Lee’s Importance to the Women’s Revolution
  3. WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal Name Change
  4. Raw Recap for 3/19/18
  5. SmackDown Recap for 3/20/18
  6. Predicting Future Releases and Call-Ups!
  7. NXT Discussion
  8. Mixed Match Challenge Discussion
  9. 205 Live Recap for 3/20/18
  10. What Else We’ve Been Watching
  11. Theme Song of the Week
  12. Closing Comments

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