Independent company Poetic Studio has released a new gameplay video and developer commentary piece for their upcoming visually unique, turn-based psychological RPG, Sacred Fire.

Set to be voiced by the vocal talent of Doug Cockle (Geralt from The Witcher 3), Sacred Fire is a game about survival, power and hope, where players lead a band of resistance fighters in Caledonia (ancient Scotland) against the invading Roman Empire. Sacred Fire is not just about the outer, physical struggle for survival, but also about gaining political influence and the pursuit of inner balance, all of which will be presented in a distinctive cinematic art style created by Poetic Studios.

“We are excited to provide an in-depth look at Sacred Fire, which offers a unique narrative-based RPG experience where, as we say, your heart hides all of the monsters. The gameplay slice from our prologue demonstrates how the game is presented, and how the story will evolve based on the tactical decisions made during the choice driven narrative and cinematic turn-based combat,” says Andrej Vojtas, Creative Director, Poetic Studios.

Using Poetic Studio’s custom “Emotions & Motivations” storytelling platform, players can resolve conflicts in Sacred Fire by using a combination of smarts, skill, looks or empathy. To do so, they must build inner balance by coping with things such as fear and anger. Only a stable and strong personality can win respect with bravery in combat, deal with the political turmoil with their own ranks and rise above the fog of war to lead Caledonia to her fate. Will you embrace revenge and forcefully bring about freedom for yourself and your people – or will you fight for a better world through courage, sacrifice and diplomacy?

Sacred Fire is shaping up to be a game worth keeping an eye on. Offering a unique take on turn-based roleplaying games, and a mixture of different mechanics such as politics and the ability to use psychological tactics in battle, it seems like this could end up being an excellent narrative game. We’ll certainly be following the development as it continues, and will bring updates along as they are released from the developers at Poetic Studios.

Currently in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Sacred Fire is scheduled to be released in Spring 2018.