Streamworks Alliance was formed in early 2019 by Kyle Vaughn, a pediatric doctor of physical therapy in Las Vegas. Kyle created Streamworks Alliance as a means of utilizing his lifelong love for video games, along with his passion for assisting pediatric patients, to raise funds for charities, organizations, and families. Through an annual charity video game stream, Streamworks Alliance relies on the kindness of gamers and community members alike to raise voluntary donations for a chosen and specified cause. No funds raised through the efforts of Streamworks Alliance will ever be used as profit for its members, and all money received and donated will be disclosed each year to the public.

Level Down Games is proud to partner up with Kyle Vaughn and Streamworks Alliance to help spread awareness for the charity streams. A simple follow goes a long way!The first Charity Event will be held on September 21 and September 22, featuring a number of different streamers that have agreed to donate all proceeds earned during the two day span to the Vegas PBS Special Needs Resource Library alongside Kyle Vaughn. As soon as a finalized list of participants is put together before the event, they’ll all be found in the list below so that their streams can easily be accessible!

Clicking on the image below will also allow you to donate directly to the Charity Event if you are unable to catch any of the streams live this weekend. You do not need to register on Streamlabs in order to donate.. typing anything into the username box will allow the donations to go through. It just helps us better track each and every donation going toward the Las Vegas PBS Special Needs Resource Library! Thanks again for all the support and participation in this amazing event!

Click one of the streamers to view their stream!