OPSEAT Grandmaster Gaming Chair Review (2019)

If there’s one thing anyone who sits at a PC for extended lengths of time knows, whether it’s for gaming or for work, the quality of chair you’re sitting in is of great importance. You want to feel comfortable, you…

Easy Modes in Gaming

On this week’s episode of Flavor Text, the crew discusses easy modes in gaming, inspired by a recent article on Kotaku.  

Are We Closer to Having Digital Trade-Ins?

On this week’s episode of Flavor Text, the crew begins by discussing Sony pulling digital PSN game cards from retailers, and then slowly move toward the direction of the digital trade-in future.  

Let’s Discuss Apple Arcade

We’ve got a BONUS EPISODE of Flavor Text this week, as the normal episode is still hitting tomorrow! On this episode, the crew discusses Apple Arcade, draws comparisons to Google Stadia, and talks their hype levels for the service.  

Discussing State of Play and ID@Xbox Game Pass

On this episode of Flavor Text, the crew has a healthy discussion on both PlayStation State of Play and Microsoft ID@Xbox Game Pass that we saw earlier in the week.  

The Division 2 Review

Fans of post-apocalyptic scenarios of survival and warfare have never had more reason to rejoice than they do now. Publishers in all mediums are clamoring to cash in on the trend, from movies and television shows to podcasts and books.…

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Review

Thanks to our friends over at XSEED Games, I was able to revisit The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel on PlayStation 4 after having reviewed the PC version back in August of 2017. The PS4 version is identical…

ID@Xbox Game Pass (March 2019) Reaction

Join Bryan from Level Down Games as he reacts to the ID@Xbox Game Pass Showcase, which was broadcast live on March 26, 2019.