The Messenger | BGMania: Bonus Episode #10

Welcome to a bonus episode of BGMania: A Video Game Music Podcast found on Level Down Games every Wednesday. For the month of September 2018, we’ll be focusing on a game that released just last month, and that is The Messenger. A fantastic love letter to both 8-bit and 16-bit generations, with a killer soundtrack. Enjoy!

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The tracklist for today’s episode is as follows:

  1. Hills of Destiny -Autumn Hills- (The Messenger) [2018]
  2. Forgotten -Forlorn Temple- (The Messenger) [2018]
  3. Into the Depths -Catacombs- (The Messenger) [2018]
  4. Quillshroom’s Horrors -Quillshroom Marsh- (The Messenger) [2018]
  5. The Arcane Shoppe (The Messenger) [2018]
  6. Fire & Earth -Elemental Skylands- (The Messenger) [2018]
  7. The Demon Army -Underworld- (The Messenger) [2018]
  8. Phantom of Yore -Final Boss- (The Messenger) [2018]
  9. Bamboo Boogaloo II -Bamboo Creek- (The Messenger) [2018]
  10. The Frozen Dark -Glacial Peak- (The Messenger) [2018]
  11. The Tower of Time (The Messenger) [2018]
  12. The Butterfly Matriarch (The Messenger) [2018]
  13. Manfred, the Sky Serpent (The Messenger) [2018]
  14. The Corrupted Future (The Messenger) [2018]
  15. Abomination Beyond Words (The Messenger) [2018]
  16. Staff Roll -End Credits- (The Messenger) [2018]

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