Welcome everyone to another Bonus Episode of BGMania: A Video Game Music Podcast found on Level Down Games that’s normally posted every Wednesday on iTunes and Google Play. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Today, we are going to be ringing in 2018 while listening to another great soundtrack done by Falcom JDK Sound Team for Tokyo Xanadu eX+. Enjoy!

Please send all track requests for future episodes of Radio Hour and possibly more to bgmania@leveldowngames.com

The tracklist for today’s episode is as follows:

  1. Seize the Day -Opening Size- (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  2. The Usual Morning (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  3. Common Sight (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  4. Today’s Schedule (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  5. Daily Life to Shake (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  6. Beyond the Day-to-Day (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  7. Kokonoe Shrine (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  8. Looking for Clues (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  9. Believe It!! (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  10. Temptation to Abyss (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  11. Soul to Burn (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  12. My Blaze, My Truth (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  13. Happy Holiday (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  14. Tokyo-Dusk Calamity (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  15. Prism My Heart (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  16. Investigation (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  17. Raging Rush (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  18. Make Desperate Efforts (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  19. Revolt Against Doom (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  20. Immediate Menace (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  21. Fruition (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  22. Summer Vacation (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  23. All is a Lie (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  24. Ardent Undulation (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  25. Autumn Sunshine (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  26. Seething Ardor (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  27. Sacred Tyrannizer (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  28. With An Important Person (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)
  29. X.R.C. (Tokyo Xanadu eX+)

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