Are you interested in writing for us here at Level Down Games? We are a newer gaming media outlet founded during the Summer of 2016. We are seeking part-time writers on a strictly volunteer basis to help produce unique content for the website as often as you want to write. The type of content we are looking for includes reviews, opinion articles, editorials, list content (Top 10’s, Rankings), and impressions.

For reviews, a majority of the ones found on Level Down Games are currently handled by our three full-time staff members (who are both working as volunteer at the moment as well). But since we are starting to receive keys more often from publishers and developers for upcoming releases, there will be times when we need to seek a trusted individual to do a review for a particular game. We always abide by embargos set in place by the publisher or developer, so please keep that in mind. You are more than welcome to submit reviews to us for games that you purchased as well, as long as we currently do not have a review for the game already on the website or have received a key from a publisher or developer and a review is in progress.

We are desperately seeking one or two additional volunteers to help out with reviewing new release games, and one volunteer to assist in daily news posts.

If you are interested in writing for us, head over to our Contact Form and include the following information: Your name, a brief description of yourself/personality, the type of content you are interested in creating for Level Down Games (again, must be unique to our website), and what your goals are for the future (doesn’t necessarily have to relate to Level Down Games). We also would like to see samples of your writing, whether it be on another website, or simply included with the email. Again, we are pursuing volunteers only at this point in time, as we do not have a revenue source rolling in yet. This cannot be stressed enough, so we’ll repeat this one final time. At the current time, this is volunteer only, and you will not be paid an income. If you review a game for us and it was provided to you by us, then you are more than welcome to keep the game.

We are aiming to turn Level Down Games into a full-time job for as many people as we physically can in the future. Our personal goals and ambitions are to grow this outlet into a company capable of sustaining a handful of paid full-time staff members. We obviously are aware of the challenges we face in order to do this, and are looking to work with individuals with a similar mindset and desire to see something grow from scratch into a successful entity. We also are fully aware that this process is going to take a lot of hard work and years worth of investment.

If all of this sounds like something you’d enjoy being a part of, contact us with the above mentioned information as soon as possible. We look forward to working with you soon!