This week on the Gorgeous Lads of Wrestling Podcast, Bryan and El Frankero welcome on a new regular recurring co-host, Velena! The trio get in-depth with their WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Predictions with who they think is going to win and who they want to win. Fair warning. Today’s episode is quite a bit longer than normal as we were introducing a new co-host and feeling out the general flow moving forward. Segments for the show this week include:

  1. Introducing Velena to the Podcast
  2. Rich Swann and WWE Have Parted Ways
  3. WWE Raw Recap for 2/19/18
  4. WWE SmackDown Recap for 2/20/18
  5. Weekly Birthdays
  6. WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Predictions
  7. This Week in Wrestling History
  8. Name That Pay Per View!
  9. What Else We’ve Been Watching
  10. Theme Song of the Week
  11. Closing Comments

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