A New Nintendo Switch Model Reportedly Planned for Later in 2020

by Bryan Clutter
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According to a recent report from Taiwanese news site DigiTimes, Nintendo is currently preparing to release a new Nintendo Switch model later in 2020. The report also claims that production is going to move into full swing by the end of Q1 2020 with a potential release happening around Summer 2020 according to their sources.

DigiTimes, which does have a mixed record when it comes to reports on Nintendo and Nintendo-related products, also is saying that the new Nintendo Switch model will have a magnesium alloy body instead of a plastic one, with a better CPU inside.

A new Nintendo Switch model, specifically a Nintendo Switch Pro or Nintendo Switch Advance, has been rumored as far back as 2018. In October of that year, an article on the Wall Street Journal claimed that “Nintendo wants to maintain its momentum from the Switch’s initial release and stay competitive in the current market by bringing in new models.” Note the plural usage of models, suggesting that 2019’s Nintendo Switch Lite is not the only model Nintendo has planned to bring to store shelves throughout the life cycle of the Nintendo Switch.

In early 2019, the Japanese newspaper Nikkei reported that a cheaper, more portable Switch was on the way (which ended up being the Nintendo Switch Lite), as well as a next-generation model also being in the early developmental stages. This report claimed that Nintendo is experimenting with a higher-end model that would change the Switch’s usability, image rendering, and operating system.

All of these reports are backed up by an interview that Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser took part in with CNET at a hands-on event for the Nintendo Switch Lite in July of 2019. According to Bowser, “the Nintendo Switch Lite is not a sequel, but an alternative to the original Switch.” He also said another Switch would be arriving at some point soon.

Whenever Nintendo decides to share official information on what’s coming next for the Nintendo Switch, you can be sure we’ll have full coverage of it here on Level Down Games as well as individual thoughts and reactions on our weekly Max Level Podcast every Monday.

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