Batman Arkham VR Review

by Jessica Kersey
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Rocksteady is back in what may be their last outing for a Batman game. After an epic trilogy with the Arkham series, fans were wondering just what exactly they would be up to next. Turns out, more Batman! Except this time, in virtual reality. Read on for our full Batman Arkham VR review.

Title: Batman Arkham VR

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Developer: Rocksteady Studios

Available On: PlayStation VR

Reviewed On: PlayStation VR

Release Date: October 13, 2016

Copy purchased for the sake of this review

“If you can be anyone, be yourself… unless you can be Batman. Then be Batman.” I feel like this quote was meant for this VR game. Because well… you can actually be Batman! It’s like a dream come true! Before virtual reality was even a thing, I remember my brothers and I joking about if we could be a superhero who we would be. Of course my oldest brother picked Superman when my other brother and I would want to be Batman. It was such an exciting thing to put the PlayStation VR headset on my brother and actually see him light up as he looked in the mirror and saw Batman’s reflection looking back at him.

Before you start you are able to pick if you want to sit or stand and if you want to play with the DualShock 4 or the Move controllers. I decided to stand and to use the Move controllers for the full Batman experience. When you put on the headset you first look around and you are in Gotham, standing on the rooftop, surveying around just trying to take in every detail. You immediately start off with your parents and young Bruce Wayne in the alley, a scene we have come to know all too well. Of course you know at this point what is going to happen so you just stand there waiting for the sad fate of Thomas and Martha Wayne. That was a crazy thing to witness. Even though it was just a game, seeing someone’s life being taken away in front of you is a feeling that’s hard to describe.

Batman: Arkham VR

After this you wake up and you see your trusty butler Alfred. He begins to speak to you and tells you that he cannot find Nightwing or Robin. You then need to go into the Bat Cave to see if you can find their location. Again… WOW! Being able to actually be in the Bat Cave is just incredible. You have to “Suit Up” before finishing your entrance as you descent down the elevator. Once there you are directed to go to different locations in the Cave. The loading screen is just blank with background noise. I kind of like that so you weren’t just swinging all over the place but it also reminded you that this is not real and you indeed NOT Batman. It also helps with motion sickness, as locomotion is still one thing developers need to tackle when it comes to VR.

The rest of the storyline is fairly straight forward and will feel very familiar to those who have played Rocksteady’s other Batman games. You have to go through and find out what happened to your two faithful companions. The ending definitely takes a few turns and the game actually made me jump more than once. It had such an eerie feel to it so if you like games with a lot of twists and turns, this is definitely a great game for you. The Joker is in the game enough to know who the villain is and give you an idea of what you’re going against. To me the best part in the game was a flashback where you can see Nightwing fighting off an unknown source. Actually being in the middle of a fight seeing two people moving all around you was freaking awesome!

Batman: Arkham VR

This is a great game for what it is. I feel like if this wasn’t a Batman related game it wouldn’t of been as good, and that’s a huge flaw. The best parts of it were being able to actually be a hero that you have always wanted to be but if it was just a normal person it would’ve lost my interest. It kind of felt like a “take your child to work day” kind of game. Toward the end I felt like the ending was rushed and didn’t make as much sense as I would’ve liked. It just ended. If they do end up making a sequel or additional content for this game I would definitely play it. Unfortunately though, the experience only lasts for little more than an hour. Fans of Batman will undoubtedly enjoy themselves with Batman Arkham VR. Everyone else may feel slightly bored.

6.5  /  10

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