Cadence of Hyrule | BGMania Podcast #102

by Bryan Clutter
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Bryan and Frank have the pleasure of listening to some amazing music composed by the wonderful Danny Baranowsky on this week’s episode of the podcast. If you’re unfamiliar, a little game by the name of Cadence of Hyrule recently released, and it’s worth every cent you have to enjoy and experience this amazing adventure. Enjoy the show!

Please send all track requests for future episodes of Radio Hour and possibly more to

The tracklist for today’s episode is as follows:

  1. Zelda’s Lullaby (Cadence of Hyrule) [2019]
  2. Overworld (Cadence of Hyrule) [2019]
  3. Cave (Cadence of Hyrule) [2019]
  4. 1-1 (Cadence of Hyrule) [2019]
  5. Gleeokenspiel Boss (Cadence of Hyrule) [2019]
  6. Lost Woods (Cadence of Hyrule) [2019]
  7. Kakariko Village (Cadence of Hyrule) [2019]
  8. Frozen Grotto (Cadence of Hyrule) [2019]
  9. Gohmaracas Boss (Cadence of Hyrule) [2019]
  10. Gerudo Ruins (Cadence of Hyrule) [2019]
  11. Temple of Storms (Cadence of Hyrule) [2019]
  12. Gerudo Valley (Cadence of Hyrule) [2019]
  13. Hyrule Castle (Cadence of Hyrule) [2019]
  14. Dark World (Cadence of Hyrule) [2019]
  15. Ganon -Organ- (Cadence of Hyrule) [2019]
  16. Death Mountain (Cadence of Hyrule) [2019]
  17. Octavo Boss Medley (Cadence of Hyrule) [2019]


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