Changing 25 Years of Monday Night Raw | Gorgeous Lads of Wrestling: Episode 20

by Bryan Clutter
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This week on the Gorgeous Lads of Wrestling Podcast, Bryan and El Frankero welcome on their very first guest ever, Michael Mannion! The three go over NXT Takeover: Wargames and Survivor Series 2017 extensively, and then El Frankero presents 25 moments from the past of Monday Night Raw, and Bryan is tasked with changing and eliminating 15 of them completely. The trio also go over the RAW and SmackDown Recaps, and the usual segments everyone loves, such as Birthdays, This Week in Wrestling History, Forgotten Wrestler, What We’ve Been Watching, Theme Song of the Week and more!



**Music Credit**
– The music played at the beginning and end of the Podcast is copyright by Miracle of Sound & Gavin Dunne.
– “Into the Wild” –
– Check out all of his amazing work at:



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