Coffee Stain Studios to Begin Publishing Games, Announces Huntdown

by Bryan Clutter
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Coffee Stain Studios, developers behind the cult hit Goat Simulator, are set to begin publishing games as well. Under the name of Coffee Stain Publishing, the studio revealed the first game they will be publishing, Huntdown.

After years of developing games and working with different publishers that did or didn’t walk the talk, Coffee Stain figured out how to self-publish with great results. Now, with chests bulging of goat coin, Coffee Stain opens an initiative towards what the company considers “good publishing”.

“Just as everyone else (lol) we want to re-define game publishing, in our case by acting more as a partner for developers, than as a traditional publisher. Our goal is to push projects towards success under balanced and fair conditions. We will offer the deals that we would love to have signed ourselves as developers.” – Sebastian Badylak, VR Fanatic of Coffee Stain Publishing

The first project that has been signed is Huntdown, a 1980’s hard-boiled arcade shooter developed by the talented duo Tommy Gustafsson, Andreas Renberg, and their team at Easy Trigger.

“Coffee Stain Publishing will start small, by signing only a few select projects. This to ensure that we can maintain high focus while also allowing ourselves to enjoy the fun in game development together with our developers. I am thrilled about all this!” – Anton Westbergh, CEO of Coffee Stain Publishing.

Huntdown is set in the future where the police have lost control to the mighty gangs who now rule the streets. Players will hunt down the gangs, go after their leaders, collect their bounty and make a healthy living — by making living unhealthy — in this cyberpunk-ish retro platformer handcrafted with an authentic old-school pixel approach.

Check out the announcement trailer below. Huntdown is currently in development for both consoles and PC and is currently scheduled to be released late 2017.



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