Corpse Party | BGMania Podcast #119

by Bryan Clutter
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After performing a charm that would supposedly unite them as friends, a group of students are teleported to the mysterious Heavenly Host Elementary School where they are visited by the spirits of the school’s murdered students. Sound creepy as hell? That’s because this entire franchise truly is! Bryan and Frank sit down to explore the unsettling music of the main three Corpse Party games which have released so far. Enjoy the show!

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The tracklist for today’s episode is as follows:

  1. Chapter 1 BGM (Corpse Party) [2008]
  2. Kizami (Corpse Party) [2008]
  3. Chapter 3 Ending (Corpse Party) [2008]
  4. Sound of Grief (Corpse Party) [2008]
  5. Light to Despair (Corpse Party) [2008]
  6. Fear of the Occult (Corpse Party Book of Shadows) [2011]
  7. Yearning (Corpse Party Book of Shadows) [2011]
  8. Witch Hunt (Corpse Party Book of Shadows) [2011]
  9. Black Magic (Corpse Party Book of Shadows) [2011]
  10. Dead End (Corpse Party Book of Shadows) [2011]
  11. Corpse Party (Corpse Party Blood Drive) [2014]
  12. A Decaying World (Corpse Party Blood Drive) [2014]
  13. Blue Eyed Girl (Corpse Party Blood Drive) [2014]
  14. When We Were Merry (Corpse Party Blood Drive) [2014]
  15. Pillars of the Six Demons (Corpse Party Blood Drive) [2014]
  16. Return to Heavenly Host (Corpse Party Blood Drive) [2014]


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