Crusader of Centy | BGMania Podcast #135

by Bryan Clutter
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This episode has been a long time coming, as Bryan has been a massive fan of this hidden gem of a soundtrack for years. Released here in North America as Crusader of Centy and over in Europe as Soleil, this SEGA Genesis Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past clone features a masterclass of compositions from a one and done composer, Motokazu Shinoda. Do not skip this episode! You’ll regret not having heard this wonderful variety of music if you do. Enjoy the show!

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The tracklist for today’s episode is as follows:

  1. Opening Theme (Crusader of Centy) [1994]
  2. Town (Crusader of Centy) [1994]
  3. Soleil Plaza (Crusader of Centy) [1994]
  4. Overworld Map (Crusader of Centy) [1994]
  5. Rafflesia Training Grounds (Crusader of Centy) [1994]
  6. Monster Area (Crusader of Centy) [1994]
  7. Dahlia Valley (Crusader of Centy) [1994]
  8. Battle 1 (Crusader of Centy) [1994]
  9. Anemone Beach (Crusader of Centy) [1994]
  10. Water Lily (Crusader of Centy) [1994]
  11. Battle 2 (Crusader of Centy) [1994]
  12. Camellia Desert (Crusader of Centy) [1994]
  13. Tower of Babel (Crusader of Centy) [1994]
  14. Root Temple (Crusader of Centy) [1994]
  15. Battle 3 (Crusader of Centy) [1994]
  16. Dark Night (Crusader of Centy) [1994]


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