Deep Dive: Keiichi Okabe | BGMania Podcast #87

by Bryan Clutter
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You may be noticing there’s no Episode Number or BGMania Podcast in the title anymore. Apple Podcasts sent out a mass email to all content creators asking that we stop putting that information in the titles. Forgot to mention that on air during the actual show, so I’ll mention it next week! We like to take a deep dive into a specific composers’ catalog of music once every quarter, and to kick things off this year, we’re looking into one of Bryan’s more recent favorite composers, Keiichi Okabe! Known for his work on NieR and Tekken, prepare for a hard-hitting, thumping, and moving episode.

Please send all track requests for future episodes of Radio Hour and possibly more to

The tracklist for today’s episode is as follows:

  1. Eddy Gordo (Tekken 3) [1997]
  2. Ogre Stage (Tekken Tag Tournament) [1997]
  3. Boyfriend A Go Go (Beautiful Katamari) [2007]
  4. Break Theory (Tekken 6) [2007]
  5. Song of the Ancients ~ Devola (NieR) [2010]
  6. Shadowlord (NieR) [2010]
  7. Mystic Force (Tekken Tag Tournament 2) [2011]
  8. Kuroi Uta (Drakengard 3) [2013]
  9. Armaros (Drakengard 3) [2013]
  10. Arctic Snowfall -Final Round- (Tekken 7) [2015]
  11. Peaceful Sleep (NieR: Automata) [2017]
  12. Possessed by Disease (NieR: Automata) [2017]
  13. Shield of the King (Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus) [2017]
  14. Prelude of Showdown (SINoALICE) [2017]
  15. Dark World / Dark World Dungeon (Super Smash Bros Ultimate) [2018]
  16. Last Stand (Fate/EXTELLA Link) [2019]


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