Deep Dive: Noriyuki Iwadare | BGMania Podcast #113

by Bryan Clutter
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Once a quarter, we have the pleasure of taking a deep dive into one particular composer, exploring their compositions and work from the beginning through the present. For Q3 2019, we decided to focus on the wonderful Noriyuki Iwadare, a man that truly made a name for himself in the Japanese roleplaying game genre and beyond. Prepare yourselves, for this episode rocks. Enjoy the show!

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The tracklist for today’s episode is as follows:

  1. Title Screen (Wings of Wor) [1991]
  2. Player Phase 2 (Warsong) [1991]
  3. Battle Music (Blue Almanac) [1991]
  4. Stage 5-2 (Steel Empire) [1992]
  5. Stage 2 -Purple Sea- (Gleylancer) [1992]
  6. Airship (Maten no Soumetsu) [1993]
  7. Knight’s Errand (Langrisser II) [1994]
  8. Goldar’s Stage (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie) [1995]
  9. Black Curtain (Monstania) [1996]
  10. Blue Spire (Lunar 2: Eternal Blue) [1998]
  11. Fight Version 3 -Middle Boss Battle- (Grandia II) [2000]
  12. Higher the Air -Air Force Stage- (Mega Man X7) [2003]
  13. The Incarnation of Devil -Radiata Version- (Radiata Stories) [2005]
  14. Larry Butz -When Something Smells, It’s Usually Me- (Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations) [2007]
  15. Hades’ Infernal Theme (Kid Icarus: Uprising) [2012]
  16. Mr. Reus -The Masked Magician- (Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice) [2016]


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