Fnatic Gear Announces eSports-Grade Gaming Gear

by Bryan Clutter
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Fnatic Gear, a global leader in the world of eSports and gaming, has announced that they will be bringing two new gaming peripherals to the community specifically designed with eSports in mind. These two peripherals are the Clutch G1 optical gaming mouse, and the Duel TMA-2 headphones. The Clutch G1 optical gaming mouse features customizable buttons and controls, which will help in providing reliability and performance during play sessions. The Duel TMA-2 headphones feature an intuitively modular design, bringing the best of the gaming world and urban lifestyle into one pair of headphones. Check out a description of each of these two new peripherals from Fnatic Gear below, as well as some screenshots that were recently released.

Clutch G1 Optical Gaming Mouse


The Clutch G1 is a plug and play, soft touch, multi-button eSports gaming mouse designed to increase efficiency, accuracy, and performance. It naturally incorporates thumb and hand movements for extreme comfort during crucial gaming situations.

Engineered and designed for comfort and performance, the Clutch G1 has a matte, soft-touch coating and beautifully ergonomic shape that perfectly fits the right-handed FPS player. Its build allows for a claw or palm grip, which provides flexible comfort even after the longest gaming sessions. The Clutch G1 also features a unique Drag Reduction cord, elevated 2mm, to increase speed and efficiency.

The Clutch G1 is armed with Pixart 3310, an advanced optical sensor perfect for users that are serious about perfecting their game with precise actions. Designed with onboard memory, Clutch G1 offers maximum customization with three different gamer profiles to personalize the functions of all seven individual buttons, select RGB illumination patterns with millions of colors and lighting effects, and adjust polling rates.

Duel TMA-2 Headphones

Duel TMA-2

Fnatic Gear collaborated with award-winning Danish audio pioneers at AIAIAI to create the Duel TMA-2 headphones. Enthusiasts can finally have an all-in-one headset that delivers top-class audio quality during gaming and music listening sessions, whether you’re at home or on-the-move.

The Duel TMA-2’s have a soft-rubber coated modular design, enabling users to switch between sound-isolating over-ear pads to soft, padded on-ear cups to suit their preference for maximum comfort and desired sound signature. The Duel TMA-2 pumps out accurate and immersive sound using 40mm titanium-coated drivers. Provided is a removable boom for use while gaming and an in-line mic for taking calls when you’re out and about. The Duel TMA-2 headphones are created for the professional eSports player’s lifestyle, and will work seamlessly with PC, PlayStation4 and Xbox as well as smartphones, tablets and other audio devices.

Designed to eliminate the need to own a separate gaming headset and music headphones, the sleek and stylish design of the Duel TMA-2 offers a completely personal experience during the longest of gaming sessions and throughout the rest of your day.

Both the Clutch G1 optical gaming mouse and the Duel TMA-2 headphones are available for pre-order now, and will start shipping late November 2016. Check out their website for more information.

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