Ghost Giant Review

by Frank Donnadio
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I knew I was going to love this game from the very beginning. Ghost Giant is the first venture into the Virtual Reality market from Zoink Games, the creators of Fe. You play the titular role of the Ghost Giant, helping our feline protagonist Louis LeFleur by solving simple puzzles and tasks, from pulling weeds in a garden to repairing a broken road so he can travel to town. All the characters are differing animals who populate the town of Sancourt.

Title: Ghost Giant

Publisher: Zoink Games

Developer: Zoink Games

Available On: PlayStation VR

Reviewed On: PlayStation VR

Release Date: April 16, 2019

Game Provided By Zoink Games for the Purpose of This Review

The visuals are really quite beautiful. The world created teems with the hustle and bustle of small city life. You will be helping several characters along the way such as a lazy Walrus dock worker (who used to be a captain just like you but he took a harpoon the the knee) to solve puzzles and help Louis along the way.

This game is played with the Playstation Move Controllers and the games controls are quite simple in nature with the ability to grab certain items, point, and even use the microphone in the VR headset to blow things away with a ghastly gust. You control your view of each level from a fixed position, with the option of changing which way you look. Always keep an eye out, there are hidden collectibles all over the place just begging for you to change your view and poke around.

One of my favorite things this game did was incorporate a basketball hoop into some of the levels. You are a giant (ghost) so these hoops are massive and in the backgrounds of the acts, your task is to sink the shot. Let me tell you… a lot easier said than done. Thankfully the ball respawns shortly after you throw it out into the distance.

The game’s story however is where this title really shines. Played across 13 acts, Ghost Giant is at it’s core a puzzle game with an emotional story. You can tell from the first time you meet Louis outside his tree fort that he’s going through something terrible. Throughout the story you find out why he is so secretive and what’s truly troubling him. I think it was a great way to present its subject matter and for that alone it deserves resounding praise (and I’m praising it… yell it from the mountain top, Zoink knocked it out of the park and deserves a bevy of awards).


You become one of Louis’ best friends, you can feel the bond between yourself growing stronger, he opens up to you and you find out his deep secret. Armed with the knowledge of what Louis is going through you help navigate him through it in an effort to make everything right again. I have to admit I did get a little choked up playing this game.

The gameplay from start to finish took approximately 5 or 6 hours which is perfect for a game of this stature. I played the game across two nights, the first night about an hour and change, the second night at least 4 hours solid. I did get little motion sick on night 2, but I don’t fault the game, you shouldn’t spend that long in VR land. Take your time, take breaks, drink some water, then hop back in and immerse yourself into a truly charming story. I’m already excited to see what the team does next because I’ll be waiting for it day one.

I can easily say, hands down this is a must buy for VR. It was a fun adventure, right up there with other instant classics such as Moss and Beat Sabre.

9.5Β  /Β  10

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