Graveyards & Cemeteries | BGMania Podcast #68

by Bryan Clutter
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Welcome to BGMania: A Video Game Music Podcast found on Level Down Games every Wednesday. We’re continuing the spooky festivities for October 2018 by exploring some well known, and some lesser known, graveyards and cemeteries found within games! Enjoy the show.

Please send all track requests for future episodes of Radio Hour and possibly more to

The tracklist for today’s episode is as follows:

  1. Crypt (Diablo II) [2000]
  2. Cemetery (Castlevania: Rondo of Blood) [1993]
  3. Metal Gear Saga (Metal Gear Solid 4) [2008]
  4. Province III (Gauntlet Dark Legacy) [2000]
  5. Springfield Cemetery (The Simpsons Arcade) [1991]
  6. Combat in the Cemetery (Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle) [2017]
  7. Spooks of Halloween Town (Kingdom Hearts II) [2005]
  8. Main Menu (Graveyard Keeper) [2018]
  9. Round 01 (Altered Beast) [1988]
  10. Cemetery Hill (MediEvil 2) [2000]
  11. Stage Theme 01 (Ghosts ‘n Goblins) [1985]
  12. Graveyard (World of Warcraft) [2004]
  13. Count Batula (Conker’s Bad Fur Day) [2001]
  14. Kakariko Cemetery (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) [2006]
  15. Dead (Max Payne 3) [2012]
  16. Gehrman, The First Hunter (Bloodborne) [2015]

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