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by Jessica Kersey
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The one game that has mainly caught my attention when PlayStation VR released was this game called Job Simulator. I have always been a big fan of simulator games. Hence why I love The Sims so much. I enjoy being able to do things that you don’t normally do on a daily basis. So how does Job Simulator work, and what exactly do you do? Read on for our full Job Simulator review.

Title: Job Simulator

Publisher: Owlchemy Labs

Developer: Owlchemy Labs

Available On: PlayStation VR, HTC Vive

Reviewed On: PlayStation VR

Release Date: October 13, 2016

Copy purchased for the sake of this review

When you first enter into this game there isn’t really a storyline or any introduction into why you are trying these jobs. All you know is it’s the future and that these robots are helping you go into the past and seeing what jobs were like back in the day. I decided to first try out the Office job. When they transport you into the office you are in your own little cubicle. I thought that it was cute and I liked that you were able to move the decorations around to make the cubicle more personal to your taste. This job was by far my favorite out of the jobs available in the game, which include Office, Chef, Store Clerk, and Mechanic. While you are in the office you have to pull faxes out of the fax machine in order to advance in the scenario. Each part of what you have to do is cute, simple, and fun. You don’t get any advantages from completing any of the jobs but it was still fun to see what they had to offer. Make sure you try the game by the copy machine. It’s a lot like Flappy Birds.

The second job I decided to try was the Chef. You are in a small kitchen but yet you have everything you need. There is even a radio and CD if you decide you want to listen to some music, which of course I did because the song that was included on the CD was rather catchy. I enjoyed that each robot had a personality and it helped build a simple story in the world you were playing in until the end. Towards the end you are able to make your own creations and serve them to your customers which I found fun and personal. I really enjoyed helping a fellow robot propose to his girlfriend through a romantic song and sandwich. Little things like this are what make Job Simulator an excellent game for a virtual setting.

Job Simulator

The third job I decided to try was the Store Clerk. You would think “Just beep what they want then charge them.” But I guess to me it was easier said than done. At one point a customer asked if I could “make it jumbo” and let’s just say I made everything Jumbo (maybe it was an accident and maybe it wasn’t). It was fun though. Toward the end of this job you get into this small story about trying to catch the robber who steals all your “cheddar”… yes, cheese. After you tell the cop who did it that was the end of that job. I felt like I wasn’t ready for that part to end but I wasn’t sad that it did because I was eager to explore what else Job Simulator had to offer.

The very last job I tried was the Auto Mechanic. In my opinion, this was my least favorite job, but I still liked it. You start every work order by opening up the shop doors and seeing a customer drive up. I liked to see the different personalities pull up and hear what they wanted and had to say. Whenever you take a car apart they have a trash can that you can try to throw the parts in. If you make it you get a “woohoo” sound, which was a neat addition. While I was “fixing” these cars I turned on the radio that was behind me. In this job world you get the most choices for what you want to listen to. I liked that you were able to customize cars and even make one car exactly how you wanted it.

Job Simulator

All together I really enjoyed Job Simulator and I wish it was longer so I could enjoy it even more. I liked that it was simple yet challenging enough so it didn’t get boring. This is a great kid friendly game that is also fun for adults. Job Simulator is by far my favorite VR game out right now. I was honestly sad when the game ended because I wanted more. You can play as much as you want but it unfortunately does get boring after a while when you don’t have a purpose to go with it. This is a must have for the PlayStation VR.

8.0  /  10

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