Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] Now Available

by Bryan Clutter
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Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross], the relaunch of the mobile RPG title Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, is now available on iOS and Android devices Square Enix has announced. To celebrate this and because the original release has been out for one year, a major update has been introduced that adds a multiplayer mode and additional gameplay enhancements with the main goal being to provide a complete Kingdom Hearts experience for gamers on the go.

Let’s go over the multiplayer mode for a minute. It brings people together in the Union Cross multiplayer mode, which houses teams of six embarking on quests and new missions to defeat the Heartless and new bosses. Players can communicate with one another using emotes and text bubbles while playing. Also, a new Theater Mode will allow for going back and rewatching the cutscenes from the game.

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] is available as a free download from the App Store and Google Play store on supported iOS and Android devices. If you already have the original game, just refresh your app to get the new content. A new trailer was released today, which is included below. Check it out!



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