Letter Quest Remastered Review

by Bryan Clutter
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Sitting around during a family game night playing Scrabble, have you ever thought to yourself, “What this game needs is a sense of adventure and role playing mechanics?” If so, then Letter Quest Remastered is the perfect game for you!

Title: Letter Quest Remastered

Publisher: Bacon Bandit Games

Developer: Bacon Bandit Games

Available On: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS Vita, PC

Reviewed On: PlayStation 4

Release Date: May 17, 2016

Copy Supplied by Developer

Letter Quest Remastered follows the grim reapers Grimm and Rose in their epic quest to get a pizza. Along the way, you’ll face a handful of different enemies using a very unique combat system. Originally released back in 2014, this remaster from Bacon Bandit Games gives the original game a new coat of paint fully redone in Unity, including a new mode, new music, and new animations.

The game starts out with Grimm ordering a pizza, and from there, this epic tale begins to unfold. It’s easy to tell that Letter Quest Remastered was at first a mobile, free to play game. It uses the map layout that has been seen in various other games, with the main character standing at the stage, and there are a certain amount of stars that can be collected for each stage. Unlike other mobile games that use the star or point system per stage, Letter Quest Remastered puts a new twist on it. Each star, and there are four per stage, represents a different way to approach and play each stage. During it’s transition from mobile to consoles and PC, Bacon Bandit Games did away with all the free to play mechanics, and instead for a small point of entry, you have the entire game available to you without the need for any micro-transactions or anything of the sort. A welcome change, indeed.


The combat system is extremely unique, and it’s actually quite addicting. It is a turn based RPG system, but instead of issues attacks and commands, you actually have a grid of fifteen letters at your disposal. Your goal is to form the best word possible using those fifteen letters, and that in turn will equate to a certain amount of damage against the enemy. There is an incentive to use the letters marked with the gold dots and silver dots, because those letters actually will count toward a higher score and damage output. Later in the game, you’ll encounter other types of letters that can either be helpful or harmful to you as well, such as ones that boost your gem output, ones that can crack and don’t count toward your score and damage, and ones that can spread the plague to other tiles if they are not used and gotten rid of. It’s quite a complex system when you get down to it, but it never gets boring, and is always throwing new challenges your way. I found myself constantly trying different words and combinations to use the most letters possible, and would sometimes sit on a screen for extended periods of time just so I could come up with the best possible word for an attack. The dictionary used for the game is rather impressive, boasting over 192,000 words to spell. I did occasionally try and use something that is a word, but it wasn’t accepted. More often than not it was when adding -ing or -tion on to a word properly, but it just wasn’t registering.


You’ll want to maximize your attacks as well, because the boss battles can be slightly tricky. There are various potions and abilities you can use in order to boost your attacks or defense, but it’s also all in how you compose the words that will determine how well you do against the tougher enemies the further you progress into the game. Because I wasn’t having any difficulties up until the first boss, I actually wasn’t prepared, and had to adjust on the fly in order to defeat him without suffering a loss myself. There are many different ways you can level up your character though, including new weapons that will dish out even more damage to the enemies.


The soundtrack has been completely redone for the remastered version. The nice thing is, if you played the original game and are a fan of that soundtrack, it is also included and you can switch freely between the two. The music was quite catchy, and brought me back to an era when chiptunes ruled the industry.

If you’re anything like me, finding the perfect word that gives the most amount of damage possible to an enemy is so rewarding and enjoyable. Letter Quest Remastered is a delightful adventure with a true sense of self accomplishment. If you’re a fan of role playing games, scrabble, or now a mix of the two, you will not be disappointed.

8.0  /  10

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