Level Down Games Awards 2019 | Max Level Podcast #125

by Bryan Clutter
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On today’s show, we present a very special episode with the third annual Level Down Games Awards, this time for 2019. Our yearly celebration of all things gaming, we recognize the best of the best spread across ten different categories. Things get heated and often as Bryan, Frank, Sean, and Kyle all debate and discuss why they feel certain games deserve to win the big awards. Come join us for an epic look back on an incredible year in the industry as the crew pays tribute to some amazing games, times, and memories. Your regularly scheduled Max Level Podcast, complete with all the segments you know and love, returns next week. Here’s to an exciting 2020 and the ushering in of the next generation of consoles!

Time stamps and Segments for today’s episode include:

00:00:59 – Welcome to the Level Down Games Awards 2019
00:02:38 – How the Awards Will Be Decided
00:06:26 – Soundtrack of the Year
00:13:48 – Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Award
00:27:46 – Most Ambitious Remaster/Remake
00:39:23 – Best Moments in a Game
00:54:21 – Best Indie Game
01:05:34 – Biggest Disappointment of 2019
01:16:33 – Best PR Move
01:30:39 – Best Characters in a Game
01:50:29 – The ThunderDome Award 2019
01:55:38 – Game of the Year
02:22:32 – Final Words (Most Hyped Game for 2020)
02:26:39 – Outro

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