Nyko Charge Blocks Review

by Bryan Clutter
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Every gaming system should have a charging unit that you can just put your controller into and walk away without having to worry about a long cord getting wrapped around everything. And for pet owners, we know all too well that cats and dogs can be rambunctious and sometimes tear cords out of the consoles or controllers as they charge around the house. There are sometimes so many different models available on the market that it makes it hard to know which ones are the quality products without having to pay an arm and a leg for the unit. Thankfully, the Nyko Charge Blocks exist, and boy are they nice.

Nyko provided us with the Charge Blocks for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for the sake of this review.


Setup is simple. Upon taking the unit out of the packaging it comes in, there’s a small little piece that plugs into the port on the controller where the cord would normally be plugged into. That’s it. The block itself can be placed anywhere near an outlet, and simply plugging a USB cord into it is all that has to be done. The little piece that now is on the controller doesn’t get in the way at all, and it’s very hard to tell that it’s even on there when using the controller itself.

The Nyko Charge Blocks have really been coming in handy since we started using them a little over a month ago. We’ve let the controllers completely drain down and then placed them on the charging units to see how long they would take to fully charge back up, and it takes about the same amount of time that it would had you just charged it with the USB Cable plugged into a power source. Convenience is where the Nyko Charge Blocks really shine. It’s so nice being able to just place the controller on the unit before leaving for the day, or overnight while asleep… or really just whenever they aren’t being used. It’s insanely easy, and eliminates one of the unnecessary cables around the consoles. This matters more now than ever with PlayStation VR being out, because the amount of cables surrounding just the PlayStation 4 alone is quite ridiculous.


Another one of the brilliant design choices Nyko made with these Charge Blocks is that they can physically connect to one another, in order to be able to charge multiple controllers at the same time using the same power source, instead of having to have multiple Charge Blocks set up around the area. The design and build quality of the units appear to be really sturdy as well, as with the extended use we’ve been giving to them upon receiving them, we have not had any issues yet, and the blocks themselves still look brand new.

So how do you tell when it’s charging, and when it’s done? Nyko made this easier than ever. When a controller is placed on the Charging Block, the block itself will flash white while it is charging. Once it’s completely done and the controller is ready to go, it stays a steady white so you know that it is finished.


The Nyko Charge Blocks really are one of the better third party accessories that currently exist for gaming. The convenience and ease of use really make this a product that anyone can use, and saves a lot of hassle as it eliminates the need for cords running all over the place.

Level Down Games Highly Recommends the Nyko Charge Blocks for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One/PC.

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