OPSEAT Grandmaster Gaming Chair Review (2019)

by Bryan Clutter
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If there’s one thing anyone who sits at a PC for extended lengths of time knows, whether it’s for gaming or for work, the quality of chair you’re sitting in is of great importance. You want to feel comfortable, you want to feel relaxed, and most importantly, you want to look good, right?! All kidding aside, comfort is the number one deciding factor anyone should use when deciding on a chair that will be the throne for hours upon hours of dedicated gaming or work sessions. Thankfully, after extended use with the OPSEAT Grandmaster Series Gaming Chair, we can honestly say this chair is 1000% worth it.

Product: OPSEAT Grandmaster Gaming Chair

Price: $299.99 (Grandmaster) / $249.99 (Master)

Website: https://opseat.com/

Time Spent Testing: 2.5 Weeks

Product Provided By OPSEAT for the Purpose of This Review

Back in the day, chair selection didn’t matter as much as it does now. I was perfectly comfortable driving to the nearest Office Max, Circuit City (remember those, kids?), or Staples and grabbing whatever “executive leather chair” they currently had available for around $50 or $60. It was always good enough. I didn’t need those high end chairs they sold, or so I told myself. Years of extended use in those basic leather chairs, which are much more suitable for smaller sessions, has taken quite a toll on my back.

Even before Level Down Games, I’ve always been a hardcore gamer at heart. Late-night raids in World of Warcraft that could last 7 or 8 hours, playing a game from start to finish with no sleep, and everything in between. The emergence of dedicated gaming chairs has changed the landscape for gamers everywhere in terms of being comfortable. I’m several years removed from the basic chairs I used to buy at Office Max, and after having tried several different companies, I’ve truly fallen in love with OPSEAT’s offering.

Let’s start off at the very beginning. After receiving the shipment and taking it to whatever room you plan to use the chair in, it’s time to unbox! Pulling out all of the individual pieces, you’ll see the base of the chair, the back piece, the actual seat and armrests, the lumbar support pillow, the headrest pillow, the arms to adjust the seat, the wheels, and customizable attachments. Keep in mind that, if you need them, the instructions for the chair are tucked away neatly underneath the seat.

As mentioned, there are customizable attachments. These are for the base of your chair. Out of the box, the base is going to have black attachments on them on top of where the wheels go. These are easily interchangeable with attachments that match the color scheme of your chair. If you plan on using these, be sure to install them before snapping in the wheels, as there are two screws that must be removed and reinstalled in order to use the differing colors.

The chair itself is easy enough to put together by yourself, but if at all possible, it’s immensely easier with a friend or partner. Alone, the chair can take anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes to assemble. As a duo, you can easily knock that time down to 10 or 15 minutes. Everything you need is inside the box, including the screws and a very useful tool that will see more action besides just assembling an OPSEAT chair!

While Jessica and I were putting together two of the chairs we received from OPSEAT, we did notice that on one side of each of the chairs, the holes were not perfectly lined up and did require some creativity and force to attach the back piece to the actual seat itself. As a simple solution, we started with the side that did line up in the correct way, and then slowly guided the other screws in on the other side while using the tool to make the holes slightly bigger. Luckily, this was the only issue that we had while setting up the chair itself, and it was quickly fixed.

About that comfort level I kept talking about earlier on. Once the chair is fully assembled and both the lumbar support pillow and headrest pillow are attached, go ahead and take a seat. Finding the right level of support for you is as easy as adjusting each of the pillows to the correct spot for you. The lumbar support pillow can slide up and down the straps to be positioned where you need it most on your back. The headrest pillow isn’t as adjustable, but positioning it correctly at the top of the chair is usually all it takes.

OPSEAT’s Grandmaster and Master chairs feature the best support around. Offering the same type of leather you can find in high-end luxury cars, the cold molded foam perfectly adjusts to your body and provides extended comfort and support. One thing they claimed on their website was that these chairs can recline all the way back. So naturally, I had to test this! It worked like a charm, but do be aware not to lean back in the chair before pulling up on the handle to recline. It’ll make a very loud popping sound that scared the hell out of me at first as I thought I broke it. Though I will say.. once you’re reclining all the way back.. it’s a workout in itself to sit back up in this chair because of the comfort levels!

The armrests are attached to the seat, which is par for the course when it comes to gaming chairs. They are incredibly sturdy and can be adjusted up and down, and side to side. More often than not, you’ll need to keep them a bit low, as when they are all the way up, it’s hard to sit closer to the desk. Generally, I keep the right one higher than the left, as it works out perfectly for me that way my L-Shaped desk is.

We received the chairs from OPSEAT 2.5 weeks ago. Everyone at Level Down Games has tested them extensively with repeated use every single day since then. These chairs are still performing just as good now as they were on day one, if not better. They look beastly, they’re more comfortable than anything we’ve say on previously, and the best part, they’re insanely affordable.

The Master Series starts out at $249.99, but sales can oftentimes take it down to $229.99 or more. The Grandmaster Series, which is the one we have personal experience with, starts off just a little bit more at $299.99. For what you’re getting in the box and the feelings of comfort that you’re going to experience while sitting in the chair, the small introductory price is absolutely worth it.

If you’re anything like me and have been just using whatever chair you can find at a local retailer, it’s time to switch. The years of damage done by the way I sat in those chairs for 12+ hours a day is going to be hard to remedy, but getting a quality chair such as anything offered by OPSEAT is a good first step. No questions asked.. these chairs are absolutely worth it.

Verdict – Highly Recommend

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