Outcast: Second Contact Review

by Frank Donnadio
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Outcast is an action adventure game for the PC that released back in 1999. It was so good that it actually won Gamespot’s “Adventure Game of the Year Award” for that particular year. Outcast was one of the first open world games where you can just go out and explore. We spent many an hour playing this game and it holds a deep nostalgic value to us, being one of our favorite PC games of all time. But that was then, and this is now. Read on for our full review of Outcast: Second Contact.

Title: Outcast: Second Contact

Publisher: Bigben Interactive

Developer: Appeal

Available On: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Reviewed On: PlayStation 4

Release Date: November 14, 2017

Game Provided by the Publisher for the Sake of This Review

Flash forward to 2017, and we are treated to a complete remake of the original game with Outcast: Second Contact. While we generally believe that remaking a game that is over fifteen years old is a task in and of itself, we recognize that certain games translate well when being made from the ground up for a new audience that perhaps missed out on the original release. That being said, we were elated to hear this game was being remade and couldn’t wait to return to the land of Adelpha.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t start right off with the visuals. This looks so much better than it did 18 years ago on our PC, but then again, that was the point now wasn’t it? We felt like it made the game feel smoother and more fluid when it came to the core gameplay mechanics. It felt like we were playing a different game at times, which itself is both a good thing and bad thing, especially when factoring in the nostalgia factor.

The story is played out by your interaction with different alien races, their inhabitants and tribes, with the fate of two worlds being truly in your hands. The protagonist, Cutter, comes across as a goofy yet gritty hero, very much like Bruce Willis, or at least that’s who we’d choose to cast him in the live action adaptation. Make it happen!

There is so much to do in this world, the game boasts a strong narrative and tons of quests and side quests, so we were never really bored playing Outcast: Second Contact. The soundtrack is on point, the story is excellent and there is voice acting. However, we don’t think the voice acting was redone since the original and we felt like they really should have at least touched it up. Luckily, the music really gets you into the action and sounds even better than we remember it sounding. Then again, we were playing this in HD on a PS4 versus an old PC with bargain bin speakers.

There were some issues we ran across, which is to be expected of a port or remake. While they aren’t game breaking, they are absolutely worth noting. The gun play is a bit off, there is a learning curve and it feels a little unnatural at first. The in-game jump mechanic isn’t on par with the current generation of games either. Like we said before, this doesn’t mean the game is unplayable, it’s just a little off.

How did the game hold up over the years though? While the story certainly needed to be retold for a new audience, and what an excellent one it was, this game doesn’t seem to be on par with its modern contemporaries. You can truly immerse yourself into this game with all there is to do though, and we’d liken it to The Witcher 3 or Skyrim in the immersion factor. We still recommend this to anyone who has never played it before. Unfortunately, it’s not 1999 anymore and the remake really should have stepped up and improved on the game instead of just re-skinning a classic.

In 1999, we give this game an almost perfect score, hands down no contest. But here in 2017, we give Outcast: Second Contact a respectable 72. Here’s hoping for a true sequel built from the ground up sometime in the future.

7.2  /  10

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