Pokemon Home Launching in February

by Bryan Clutter
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During today’s Pokemon Direct, The Pokemon Company quickly revealed that Pokemon Home, the cloud-based storage system, is set to release sometime in February. Pokemon Home is the app that will allow players to store and transfer their Pokemon between different games. Once the app is released next month, anyone will be able to access it so long as they download it on their mobile device.

First announced back in May of 2019 during the Pre-E3 Pokemon Direct, Pokemon Home allows players to transfer Pokemon to Pokemon Home from Pokemon Go, Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu!, Pokemon Let’s Go, Eevee!, Pokemon Sword, Pokemon Shield, and the Pokemon Bank (the Nintendo 3DS storage system). Pokemon can then be transferred from Pokemon Home into Pokemon Sword and Shield, but only if those Pokemon are native to the Galar region.

It’s a controversial topic that has existed since Pokemon Home was first announced and revealed to be the new system for transferring Pokemon into new games moving forward. We’ll have more coverage on the system when it goes live sometime next month!

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