Q1 2020 Thunderdome! | Max Level Podcast #129

by Bryan Clutter
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On today’s show, we’re finally discussing Astral Chain. From there, we kick things off right in 2020 with Thunderdome! But remember, there’s a twist that’s going to be introduced. What will the ramifications be? I’m slightly scared. Plus WrestleKingdom 14, Frank tries to get us delisted on podcast services, D-Fuel Energy Drinks, and Kyle cranks it up to 11 to ensure cleanliness.

Time stamps and Segments for today’s episode include:

00:00:59 – WrestleKingdom 14!
00:02:54 – Introductions
00:05:46 – Astral Chain Discussion
00:17:49 – BGMania Preview
00:19:17 – Game Challenge
00:28:04 – Quick Time Event
00:33:46 – Seven Day Forecast (Week of 1/6/20)
00:35:18 – Q1 2020 Thunderdome!
01:24:44 – Final Words
01:27:36 – Outro

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