Q4 2019 Thunderdome! | Max Level Podcast #115

by Bryan Clutter
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On today’s show, we’re recapping last week’s PlayStation State of Play, which included the long awaited release date for The Last of Us Part II! The crew goes in-depth with The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Untitled Goose Game, Code Vein, Devil’s Hunt, and Mario Kart Tour. It’s also the beginning of a new quarter.. and you know what that means.. THUNDERDOME IS BACK BABY! Plus Kyle’s successful Twitch Charity Stream and Hiatus, a big week in the world of professional wrestling, Medal of Honor makes a surprise return, and Bound by Blades on Kickstarter.

Time stamps and Segments for today’s episode include:

00:00:59 – Kyle’s Twitch Hiatus
00:03:46 – Introductions
00:06:07 – The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Discussion
00:16:43 – Untitled Goose Game Discussion
00:23:42 – News Stories Have Returned Ad
00:24:17 – Code Vein Discussion
00:35:39 – Devil’s Hunt Discussion
00:41:54 – Mario Kart Tour Discussion
00:57:01 – BGMania Preview
00:58:32 – Game Challenge Update
00:59:11 – MetaCritic Results!
01:02:23 – New Releases for the Week of 9/30/19
01:13:34 – https://leveldowngames.com Ad
01:14:13 – Weekly Wrap Up Intro
01:14:34 – The Last of Us Part II Gets a Release Date
01:17:05 – Xbox Live Games With Gold vs PlayStation Plus Free Games
01:18:51 – Arise: A Simple Story (Game Announcement)
01:21:10 – Humanity (Game Announcement)
01:22:20 – Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond (Game Announcement)
01:25:41 – Q4 2019 Thunderdome!
02:06:50 – Kickstart My Heart (Bound by Blades)
02:13:43 – Bonus Stage
02:18:50 – Final Words
02:20:11 – Outro

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