RETIKAL Gaming Mouse Review

by Bryan Clutter
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Kaliber Gaming by IOGEAR has recently released a new gaming mouse, the RETIKAL, that we’ve been using for a few weeks now, getting a feel for how it actually performs over time, adjustment periods, and how it works for different games and genres. Needless to say, the RETIKAL is a great overall mouse for gaming of any kind. It looks sleek, has three buttons on the left hand side that are easily accessible by your thumb, has multiple DPI settings for maximum customization up to 5000 DPI, and glows a pulsating blue when plugged in, which is always a plus in my book! The mouse also has the ability to save five custom profiles, so switching around between settings for different games, or different people if more than one person will be using the mouse, is definitely easy to do.


Kaliber Gaming generously provided us with the RETIKAL gaming mouse for the sake of this review.


Now, even though the RETIKAL is branded as an FPS mouse, it absolutely will work for other genres, and more importantly, works quite well. The main button on the side for the thumb is a little crosshairs due to the nature of the mouse. Above that are two other buttons that can be fully customized for whatever game you’re playing, as well as another button that can be easily accessed with the pinky finger.

The first game we sent it through the wringer with is World of Warcraft. I was able to map three of my main abilities to the mouse buttons, and since I play a Demon Hunter tank currently, I had to go with my taunt and two survivability cooldowns to make it even faster. I was able to transition from keybinds to the mouse buttons without any issues, and there were points where I felt like it was slightly faster to just hit those than it was one of my current keybind configurations. I also had the DPI set to the second to highest setting in order quickly get from one area to another when doing raid encounters and dungeon bosses. The RETIKAL has definitely helped my speed with certain abilities and mechanics as we progress through heroic Emerald Nightmare.


The other game that I extensively tested it with is Microsoft’s recently released shooter, Gears of War 4. The RETIKAL being a mouse designed for shooters, I wanted to make sure to actually get some time in with one in order to see how it performed. Needless to say, it worked like a charm and made things so much easier when having a multiplayer session with friends. I tend to prefer playing a game such as Gears of War 4 with a controller, but using the RETIKAL gaming mouse felt very natural, and I could definitely see myself coming back to it more when playing in the future.

One area that I have not fully adjusted to after these few weeks is the physical size of the RETIKAL. I have, what I would consider, average sized hands, and a majority of mice do not bring me pain after extended periods of usage. The RETIKAL, however, started to cause discomfort after just an hour or so of playing, and hasn’t really loosened up from there to this day. It isn’t overly painful, and when deep in concentration or in the middle of a high risk, high reward situation in a game, the discomfort is hard to notice, only returning when you aren’t in the middle of an intense battle or shoot-out with an opposing team member.

The main issue with the discomfort is how my pinky finger rests against the side of the mouse on the right hand side. Just the shape of the mouse and the way it was designed, it ends up being very uncomfortable on just that portion of my hand. The rest of the RETIKAL is really well done and fits perfectly within the shape of my hand. But of course, your individual mileage may vary, and we just wanted to point this out. Others that have used the RETIKAL gaming mouse over the last few weeks have not mentioned the discomfort with the pinky finger.


Overall, the RETIKAL is a really good mouse for gaming purposes. The multiple profiles, DPI settings, and extra buttons featured on it really add to the experience and make playing multiple types of games and genres relatively easy to switch between. If you do end up purchasing this mouse as your main gaming peripheral, just be aware of the slight discomfort we experienced due to the size of the mouse and the design choices made on the right hand portion of the mouse.

The RETIKAL gaming mouse is Recommended by us here at Level Down Games.

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