Retro Metroid Games | BGMania Podcast #131

by Bryan Clutter
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An episode that is long overdue, Bryan and Frank finally take a musical journey through the retro side of Metroid games. From the NES to the SNES, to the Game Boy and Gameboy Advance. There’s something for everyone in the show today, including many iconic pieces of music from the franchise. Enjoy the show!

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The tracklist for today’s episode is as follows:

  1. Norfair Theme (Metroid) [1986]
  2. Escape Theme (Metroid) [1986]
  3. Ending Theme (Metroid) [1986]
  4. Surface of SR388 (Metroid II: Samus Returns) [1991]
  5. Staff Credits (Metroid II: Samus Returns) [1991]
  6. Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior (Super Metroid) [1994]
  7. Brinstar -Plant Overgrowth Area- (Super Metroid) [1994]
  8. Crateria -The Space Pirates Appear- (Super Metroid) [1994]
  9. Brinstar -Red Soil Wetland Area- (Super Metroid) [1994]
  10. Ending (Super Metroid) [1994]
  11. Serris/Yakuza Boss Theme (Metroid Fusion) [2002]
  12. Neo-Ridley Boss Theme (Metroid Fusion) [2002]
  13. Staff Credits (Metroid Fusion) [2002]
  14. Kraid’s Lair (Metroid: Zero Mission) [2004]
  15. Brinstar Theme (Metroid: Zero Mission) [2004]
  16. Staff Credits -Finale- (Metroid: Zero Mission) [2004]


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