Sayonara Wild Hearts | BGMania Podcast, Bonus #21

by Bryan Clutter
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A criminally underlooked game from 2019, Sayonara Wild Hearts has captivated Bryan from Level Down Games with its emotional story beats, excellent rhythm gameplay, and outstanding soundtrack. This game needs all the love we can show it, as it truly deserves it. We’re uploading this episode on Australia Day because we’re also using this episode to spread awareness on how each and every one of us can help those in need over in Australia with the national bushfire crisis. Please check out , , and if you can at all help those in need. Enjoy the show!

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The tracklist for today’s episode is as follows:

  1. Sayonara Wild Heart (Sayonara Wild Hearts) [2019]
  2. Fighting Hearts (Sayonara Wild Hearts) [2019]
  3. Begin Again (Sayonara Wild Hearts) [2019]
  4. Dead of Night (Sayonara Wild Hearts) [2019]
  5. Forest Ghost (Sayonara Wild Hearts) [2019]
  6. Heartbreak III (Sayonara Wild Hearts) [2019]
  7. The World We Knew (Sayonara Wild Hearts) [2019]
  8. Wild Hearts Never Die (Sayonara Wild Hearts) [2019]
  9. Parallel Universes (Sayonara Wild Hearts) [2019]
  10. A Place I Don’t Know (Sayonara Wild Hearts) [2019]


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