Sony Reveals The PlayStation 5 Logo at CES 2020

by Bryan Clutter
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During its CES 2020 Press Conference, Sony officially revealed the PlayStation 5’s logo, which can be seen above the article as the header image. To the surprise of no one, the logo looks almost identical to the PlayStation 4’s logo, proving that if something isn’t broke, why fix it?

A full blowout of PS5 news is expected at some point in the first half of 2020, whether Sony decides to hold another PlayStation Meeting as it did for the PS4 reveal back in February 2013, or just use E3 2020 as the staging grounds for the information. Even though the news has been slowly coming in from sources like the PlayStation Blog and interviews with Mark Cenry, we still know relatively little on the PlayStation 5 compared to its main competition later this year, the Xbox Series X.

Whenever Sony officially reveals the PlayStation 5, the controller, and anything else it wants to share on potential games coming to the platform, you can be sure we’ll have full coverage here on Level Down Games.

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