The Addams Family | BGMania Podcast #118

by Bryan Clutter
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Dun nun na nun ::snap snap:: Dun nun na nun ::snap snap:: Dun nun na nun, da nun na nun, da nun na nun ::snap snap:: If you were able to follow along with that and completely understand it, then you’ll love today’s episode theme of The Addams Family! In preparation for the new animated movie dropping in theaters this week, Bryan and Frank take a look at as many of The Addams Family games as they can squeeze into the episode. Enjoy the show!

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The tracklist for today’s episode is as follows:

  1. The Mamushka (The Addams Family Pinball) [1992]
  2. Addams Family Theme (Pugsley’s Scavenger Hunt *SNES*) [1993]
  3. First Person Area (Fester’s Quest) [1989]
  4. Boss Fight (Fester’s Quest) [1989]
  5. Creepy Creatures (Addams Family Values *SNES*) [1995]
  6. Study Room (The Addams Family *Game Boy*) [1992]
  7. Outside (The Addams Family *Amiga*) [1992]
  8. Secret Room (The Addams Family *SEGA Master System*) [1992]
  9. Unhappily Ever After (The Addams Family *SNES*) [1992]
  10. House of the Dead (Addams Family Values *SNES*) [1995]
  11. Underground (The Addams Family *SEGA Genesis*) [1992]
  12. Wonderfully Gloomy Atmosphere (The Addams Family *SNES*) [1992]
  13. Stage Theme 2 (The Addams Family *NES*) [1992]
  14. The Crypt (The Addams Family *SEGA Master System*) [1992]
  15. House Interior (Pugsley’s Scavenger Hunt *SNES*) [1993]
  16. Staff Roll (Addams Family Values *SEGA Genesis*) [1995]


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