Turok 1 & 2 | BGMania Podcast #85

by Bryan Clutter
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We finally received an episode suggestion from one of our most dedicated listeners, and this week, we’re fully exploring the topic! Thanks to the mixxmaster, we’ll be taking a dive into two games released on the Nintendo 64, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. Jungle beats and booming bass drums? Yes please! Enjoy the show.

Please send all track requests for future episodes of Radio Hour and possibly more to bgmania@leveldowngames.com

The tracklist for today’s episode is as follows:

  1. Catacombs (Turok: Dinosaur Hunter) [1997]
  2. Lost World (Turok: Dinosaur Hunter) [1997]
  3. Battle vs Longhunter & Mantis (Turok: Dinosaur Hunter) [1997]
  4. Fortress (Turok: Dinosaur Hunter) [1997]
  5. Battle vs T-Rex (Turok: Dinosaur Hunter) [1997]
  6. Ancient City (Turok: Dinosaur Hunter) [1997]
  7. Title (Turok 2: Seeds of Evil) [1998]
  8. Mother Boss (Turok 2: Seeds of Evil) [1998]
  9. Port of Adia (Turok 2: Seeds of Evil) [1998]
  10. Mantid-Primagen Boss (Turok 2: Seeds of Evil) [1998]
  11. Intro to the Hive (Turok 2: Seeds of Evil) [1998]
  12. Adon Hub (Turok 2: Seeds of Evil) [1998]
  13. Blind One Boss (Turok 2: Seeds of Evil) [1998]
  14. River of Souls (Turok 2: Seeds of Evil) [1998]
  15. The Dark Totem (Turok 2: Seeds of Evil) [1998]
  16. The Light Totem (Turok 2: Seeds of Evil) [1998]

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