Two Point Hospital Review

by Jessica Kersey
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Two Point Hospital is a fun and addicting game that will grab the attention of all those who play it and will never let go. You start out at a hospital called Hogsport with $200,000 to help renovate it and make changes as you see fit. As someone who loves games that offer building and being able to design rooms, I was already excited and ready to start on my hospital journey. All through the game you will be introduced to new treatments and rooms to help the sick and needy patients as they walk through the door.

Title: Two Point Hospital

Publisher: SEGA

Developer: Two Point Studios

Available On: PC

Reviewed On: PC

Release Date: August 30, 2018

Game Provided By SEGA for the Purpose of This Review

Just like any normal hospital, you’ll need a reception to check in, a GP’s office to diagnose the patient, a pharmacy, ward, staff room, bathroom, and in this game rooms like the De-Lux Clinic to cure lightheadedness. I enjoyed the humorous side of the game and seeing some of the random and funny illnesses that came through, either someone had a head as a light bulb or they thought they were a celebrity and they needed to be evaluated and brought back to reality. As you proceed through the game, you’ll be introduced to other problems like patients thinking they are clowns and much more.

As you unlock more and more rooms, you’ll need to be sure you make your layout easy to work around but also create enough space to continue to advance and grow. I noticed that if you forget to put a seat next to the door whoever was there waiting to see the doctor or nurse would get annoyed and leave the hospital. You need to make sure you are paying attention to everything going in the hospital. For if you aren’t, patients could pass on and haunt the hospital and those who are in it. Or they would get tired of waiting and leave. Whenever this happens it will negatively impact you and your hospitals credibility.

Obviously you’ll want to have as good of a credit as possible so that you can bring in more customers and raise your star rating. Another thing to keep in mind with your patients is that you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of vending machines around. Throughout the game you can click whoever you want and make sure that their moods are positive. You can even read and see what needs to be changed if anyone is unhappy.

I felt like as you first start Two Point Hospital it was easy to feel overwhelmed. Just because you want to make sure you are making the rooms correctly and making more money that’s coming in than what’s going out. At one point when I started working on my second hospital I noticed that things began to work so much smoother and I got the hang of everything, so there is a bit of a learning curve even for those familiar with this genre.


A downside to that was I felt the rooms lacked something. Something was missing and after hours of playing I noticed that I felt like the game could have used more personal touches from the player. Yes you can put the furniture wherever you desired in the room but after using the same decorations in almost every room they just felt like they were blending together. I would have enjoyed if you could change the colors of something or if there were more decoration objects. Yes you can unlock more decorations as you advance in the game but I felt like it took longer than I was expecting to do so and it made me feel like I was just repeating myself no matter which hospital I was at.

Once you have your rooms out of the way you can spend your attention on your staff. They would follow your order if you picked them up and put them close to what you wanted them to do but sometimes you would find more than one or even two rooms have no staff in it and customers waiting outside. I’m all for taking a break at work to unwind but I would always over staff them to prevent that and yet I felt like it just kept happening. While you try to update equipment and tell your employees what to do I started to become addicted to the game once again. I felt like that is what makes Two Point Hospital addictive and you don’t realize how long you have been sitting there playing the game.

Not all games need to be taken seriously which is why I really enjoyed this one. Other than offering minimal customization options for players, the actual gameplay of Two Point Hospital was beyond fun. Fans of these types of games and this genre will definitely find enough to enjoy here to keep them busy for hours upon hours on end. Just don’t expect anything revolutionary besides the humor and crazy illnesses the team came up with.

7.0  /  10

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