Witches | BGMania Podcast #120

by Bryan Clutter
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Use thy voice, Sarah, fill the sky! Bring the little brats to die! Witches have always been fascinating, and many forms of entertainment have been centering ideas on them for years on end. Bryan and Frank sit down to discuss witches while listening to some excellent music from games based on witches, or games that feature a very prominent witch as a central character. Enjoy the show!

Please send all track requests for future episodes, feedback, comments, questions, and concerns to bgmania@leveldowngames.com

The tracklist for today’s episode is as follows:

  1. Gruntilda’s Lair (Banjo-Kazooie) [1998]
  2. Witch’s Temptation (The Witch and the Hundred Knight) [2013]
  3. Witch (Left 4 Dead) [2008]
  4. Waltz of Meditation 2 (Magical Chase) [1991]
  5. Fly Me to the Moon (Bayonetta) [2009]
  6. Main Theme (Bubble Witch Saga 3) [2017]
  7. Kotake and Koume (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) [1998]
  8. Morrigan’s Love Song (Dragon Age Origins) [2009]
  9. Queen Mizrabel Boss (Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse) [2013]
  10. Ultimecia’s Castle (Final Fantasy VIII) [1999]
  11. Adria Battle (Diablo III: Reaper of Souls) [2014]
  12. Book of Days (GrimGrimoire) [2007]
  13. Ashley’s Theme (WarioWare Touched!) [2004]
  14. The Witch of Hemwick (Bloodborne) [2015]
  15. I Am Here But You’re Not (Blair Witch) [2019]
  16. Veran’s Theme (The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages) [2001]


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